Monthly Archives: November 2012

Since I wrote my first blog in October there have been a lot of changes. I am free of debt, my relationship unfortunately came to an end, and there have been health issues that have been very close to home. My depression seems to be lifting, and I’m less anxious. I’m back living at home with my parents and brother and I’m trying to get my life back on track. The past couple of months have been full of emotions; I have had personal victories and downfalls.

When I wrote my blog, I wanted to tell my friends and family about my issues and to spread the word that PDLs are not a good idea. I had no idea about the media storm that was about to happen. I was first contacted by Siofra, a very lovely lady who worked for a newspaper who was interested but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Since then, Siofra has been relentlessly contacting newspapers and magazines for me to get my warning out to the British public. So far, I have featured in The Mail on Sunday, my local newspaper, and The Independent. I have been offered to be on Radio, but I had work, and I was offered to be a phone-in on a BBC Programme, which I missed! I also missed the opportunity to appear on ITV’s Daybreak as the e-mail went straight to my Junk Folder (Frustrating!) In the near future, I will hopefully be appearing in a Magazine and a Documentary if all goes to plan and I don’t want to stop there. I’m always up for a challenge and will try my hardest to not stop until something is done about these vultures. I feel that since writing the blog, I have overcome my own demons and I would like to think that I have helped others and given them the courage to seek help. Blogging seems to be a therapy for me at the moment.

After writing my update blog last month, I feel I have to be honest with you guys, I got another Pay Day Loan. It was for £50 and I feel like a fool for getting one. I told my mum straight away what I had done, and I got an ear bending. I not only let myself down, but I feel that I let down everyone reading this.  This month, I haven’t touched one, and I’m not going to. I’m a strong person, and I will do this, positive thinking is the key.

At the beginning of the month, I sat down, I budgeted my money, and I stuck to it. It’s just my luck at the moment that a few unexpected bills went out. The last of the money in my account was for the rest of the month, but it’s now gone. I had been avoiding paying my phone bill for a couple of months, so the £160 phone bill didn’t go down too well with my budget. Not to mention the £70 odd bank fees for going over my overdraft last month. I now have no money, but I have paid all my bills. I have to sacrifice nights out for the rest of the month, and I’m okay with that. At least I have a roof over my head and food on the table.

In my first blog I wrote about SGE Loans and how they had taken out £79.99 of my money for nothing. After e-mails back and forward asking for my money back and the company declining this, I decided to take things into my own hands and contacted trading standard along with The Financial Ombudsmen. SGE wrote to me, again declining my refund after being contacted by The Financial Ombudsmen stating that it was not a financial matter – to me, that made no sense. Everything went quiet for a couple of weeks. Today, I went to go get my laptop to e-mail them yet again, when I received a letter in the post. It read:

I write to you in regards to the Trading Standards complaint I have received.

Once again, I thank you for highlighting your concerns to us in this matter. All feedback is welcomed by SGE Loans as it is viewed as a way to continue improving our already high standards of customer service. (High standards!?)

I am pleased to inform you that your refund has been accepted. Please find a cheque for £79.99 which is the full amount paid.

Unless I hear from you to the contrary, I now consider this matter to be closed.

It is unfortunate that we have been unable to be of service to you at this time and look forward to the opportunity of assisting you in the future. (You have got to be kidding me.)

My own little victory.